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The Phlya project

New apartment building with eight luxury residences, coming soon, in Chalandri area, in the northern suburbs of Athens

Discover a holistic experience of home-living luxury in Solomou Street

Inspired by the modern architecture, with minimal design, open air spaces, clean lines, and cantilevers which are connected with harmony with the main structure, the  Phlya project emerges among the human friendly environment of Chalandri, in the northern suburbs of Athens.

The simplicity of the sections create unique and distinguished spaces, embracing the harmony of the Athenian climate. The exterior and the interior areas were designed to connect and unify the indoor with the outdoor areas with main focus to create a green A+ sustainable building using renewable energy sources for its operation.

Phlya project embraces the privacy of its area and aims to provide a sense of serenity to its visitor, connecting the indoor spaces with the outdoor green areas.

The apartments:

The eight luxury apartments of  Phlya project provide you with a sense of serenity and privacy. Embrace your home living experience while you will be close to key access points for entertainment, sports training, keeping in balance your state of mind for a whole different approach of your daily life experience. 

The Ground Floor apartment enjoys private gardens and a private pool, while penthouses are duplexes with spacious balconies.

Ideal for both families and individuals, both for residential and investment purposes.

The Neighbourhood

Chalandri is a suburb in Northern Athens in short distance from the main city center. The location corresponds with the ancient area of Phlya where the residence of the famous ancient tragedian of classical Athens Euripides was. Along with Aeschylus and Sophocles, he is one of the three ancient Greek tragedians whose tragedies have survived in full and can be watched in the theatres around the world.

As neighbouring suburb with Filothei, Marousi, Vrilissia, Agia Paraskevi, Cholargos, Neo Psychiko and Psychiko, Chalandri has a unique position to key places in short distances which can be covered through pedestrian areas.

The residence has proximity to:

 - Golden Hall (1,1km)

 - Main key market center of Chalandri (400m)

 - Filothei suburb

 - Attiki Odos Roadway and Athens International Airport

 -  Agia Paraskevi Metro Station (1,8km)

  -OAKA recreational area

Feel truly comforted in a peaceful environment which harmonizes all the unique elements of your basic and your psychological needs and your self-actualization needs.


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